Scaughdt is doing great, and I’m so happy for him to be learning, discovering, and experiencing new adventures:
“Greetings once again, my dear Friends!
Well, after another series of minor “miracles” (which I’m starting to believe are the norm in our world, not the exception), I have made it to Ashburn, Georgia — and I have found my first functioning library!  It’s very nice and clean and cool in here, and I intend to stay here for a bit after this email and give my feet a timely pause …
So much has happened over the last ten+ days — so many acts of pure generosity, so many wonders witnessed, so many powerful connections made with others, that I simply am overflowing with both amazement and gratitude today.  I am also all-the-more aware of the special role EACH & EVERY ONE of you has played in my life … Know that I am deeply thankful for you as well!
While it will be some time before I can sit down and adequately relay what has happened since setting forth on this Journey, rest assured that I have indeed experienced many “adventures”.  The funny thing is, every one of them has reflected some past encounter(s) from the “everyday” life that I left behind; every one of them has reminded me that every one of us is journeying every day upon our own personal pilgrimage — with its own tests of pain and trials of temptation.  Every day we are called to serve others when tempted to satsify our own desires; every day we are called to extend compassion to those who are treating us poorly.  Indeed, I’m starting to think that it’s much harder to do so when steeped in the challenges of the “normal” and the familiar, and that I have it pretty easy compared to the rest of you all — after all, I have almost no choice but to intensely appreciative of what I receive every day … 😉
That’s it for now … Keep the questions coming if you have any.  I’ll attempt to keep answering them bit by bit along The Road, and the rest of them upon my return.
I’m soon heading out for Tifton — and then Valdosta — and then the Georgia/Flordia border! 
It’s all “in the flow”, so keep sending the Good Vibes and much more importantly, keep being inspired to go forth today and be kind to someone when least inclined … 😉
as allWays, Love to you all!
(the Numinous Nomad)”