It is often talked about in movies. Often said at hello and goodbye, at times of endearment, and at times of great sorrow. The three little words of “I love you” are very powerful, and sometimes can bring great healing. However, those are not the three most important words. They only express emotion or a feeling. They do not express action. People can deeply love another person, but then be brutally harmful to them. Hence, the human drama.

No, the three most important words are not “I love you”, but rather…”Let me help”. When I say let me help, I say it all. I put my love into action. I also empower the other. They have the ability to tell me no, and they have the power to reply yes. They can tell me where, when, and how. The why is obvious= because of my desire to love or live as a selfless servant. It also acknowledges that there is a need, but the person is managing on their own. They could have given up, but they didn’t. By helping, I’m not doing the job for them, or ridding them of their affliction or struggle, but merely helping them progress through it. More importantly, it signifies that they aren’t alone in the struggle; someone else is with them.

I can’t express the magnanimity I feel regarding learning this lesson. When considering what else I have to do or accomplish today, what could be more important than helping another. Expressing to them that they aren’t alone, they aren’t powerless, and they are not helpless…and neither am I.