Still not done with the drawing of the chain. I was asked yesterday, “Why a chain?”. I just thought it was beautiful. It had certainly been there for a LONG time and no one had used it; thus all the rust. Someone has lost the key and forgotten about it. It will probably be there forever, but, it continues to just hold fast. You could draw a bunch of sappy metaphors from it, but I just thought it was pretty. In addition, as a drawing challenge it is pretty difficult. The lighting, proportion, and perspective are very tricky (not saying I’m doing it perfectly) but it is fun to draw.

Yesterday, I showed my work in the same post as Leyendecker…ummm not that we belong in the same post ever. But, it gives a good idea of what in my mind is the quintessence of beauty, style, and virtuosity. Over the years I have collected A LOT of images of paintings. Figuring prominently in my collection are works by Leyendecker. Here are some great studies that he did. You can see how meticulous he was at his craft, and how his deft hand could pull the paint across the canvas to reveal a form. Someone said to me yesterday that they had seen all of those paintings before. You probably haven’t seen these: