I was really bummed yesterday. Scaughdt had sent me this update, and as I went to read it, I deleted it by mistake. Thankfully, another follower of Scaughdt’s sojourn kindly posted it to me, and now I share it with you.

Hi, dear Friends!

Well, another series of seemingly miraculous adventures and serendipities has brought me relatively well-fed and only partially sleep-deprived to Valdosta, Georgia. After an amazingly smooth walk two days ago (the day of my last update), yesterday proved to be the challenging “yin” that always somehow accompanies life’s times of effortless “yang”. In essence, I decided to “press my luck” and walk “only 20 miles” yesterday without the assistance of cloud-cover — in 90 degree heat! When coupled with the fact that the stretch I traveled was mostly devoid of cover or places to pause & rest, this led to my feet swelling up and me receiving two pretty huge blisters.

Every action has its consequences, of course — and part of this pilgrimage has me learning that we do not need to bemoan our mistakes, as much as we can choose to simply accept their repercussions and learn from them — to adjust to them and go with their new flow.

So that is what I’ll be doing from now on — covering less ground each day, walking only in the early mornings & evenings, and taking lots of “stop-&-BE” pauses along the way. I’ll be commencing with this new plan today — reveling in the air-conditioned climes of the main library of Valdosta State University until later today, and then heading for the Florida line tonight!

One of the fun things I’ve been doing while taking notes of this Trek has been pausing to “randomly” pull a “Quote of the Moment” from a bag of printed Wisdoms that I am carrying with me. And at this time, I will include you all in my next drawing!

So I reach my hand into the bag, ponder my current Here&Now, and pull this in-Sight-full little gem:

“Every conscious act we Purpose-fully engage serves to ‘dent’ our immediate surroundings; allowing others nearby to smoothly ‘fall into’ (and thereby support) our current Mission.”

Frankly, that one gets a double “hmmm” from me, and I’m the one who wrote it (albeit many moons ago) … 😉
Does anyone have any comments or thoughts on this?

sending Peace from afar & Love from within,

(the Numinous Nomad)