There is something to drawing curly hair. I mean it is a trick to draw any hair. But the hair that is most fun to draw is that which has body. Rubens was a master at drawing hair.

When looking for this image I stumbled upon this and thought it funny.

The point is that painting curls is fun. I especially like the way girls and some women are returning to the Charlies’ Angels type hair with the excessive curls and the hair attachments some girls are wearing with all the curls as well. But, beyond being fun to draw, it allows one to see symmetry and the golden ratio in action.

Every curl represents the adherence of, or slight divergence from the golden spiral, or the ratio of phi to one. 1.618:1, and therefore painting it is observing a universal constant, the ideal beauty, and the face of “God”. The universe of mathematics and art are more aligned than we give our self a chance to observe on a daily basis.