Here is the latest update from Scaughdt:
Greetings, dear Friends!
Well, a few days ago I thought I was going to have to prematurely end this first phase of the pilgrimage — my feet just were not cooperating with the walking part of the gig; the part that is relatively important to any pilgrimage ūüėČ …
After recuperating miraculously in the Valdosta State University library on Friday, I had walked all night from Valdosta to Jennings (in Florida!), with the intention of waiting out the heat in the library there before walking onward.¬† Upon arriving in town, I discovered that “town” was a nice euphemism for¬†Jennings’ three-building commune.¬† One of these buildings was indeed a library, and yet it did not open at all on Saturdays.¬† Sheesh!
There wasn’t much left to do at that point but start to walk to the next city, which was an additional 12 miles away.¬† As I did so, it got hotter and brighter with each step and my feet started rebelling again — and this on one of those stretches of Florida roads where there is nowhere to stop & rest; no buildings, no homes, no benches — just glaring pavement and dry-grass road-shoulders.¬†
About 6 miles along, I came to a state highway that led to I-75.  I veered off and eventually came to a rest-stop area near the Interstate which included a Huddle House.  Well, to make a longer story shorter, I essentially lived in this Huddle House for the next 26 hours, making lots of incredible contacts and experiencing many acts of selfless generosity while recuperating there. 
Upon first arriving, I had attempted to call my Gainesville contact to get picked up a bit earlier than planned (after all, I couldn’t walk anymore — with my pilgrimage gait having steadily morphed into one amusingly resembling Red Foxx in the old TV series “Sanford & Son”) … Of course, I had written the wrong area code for him in my notebook, and he never got my messages!¬†
After hearing my tale (and seeing that my contact wasn’t responding to my calls), one of the waitresses¬†found me a ride to Gainesville with one of her friends who works there.¬† This ride wouldn’t come until Sunday afternoon, so I “slept” right there in the Huddle House Saturday night (!!!).¬† The next morning my feet were feeling miraculously well and I started thinking that one of the major purposes to this pilgrimage was¬†taking conscious, Faith-full approach to pain.¬† I didn’t want to injure myself, AND yet I did want to Meaning-fully deal with all my discomforts.¬† After meditating on this for some time, it simply became clear that I was to continue walking — that as long as I could walk, I was to try to do so.¬† Oddly enough, I called my ride immediately thereafter and his car had broken down and he wouldn’t have been able to take me anyway!¬† Intriguing …
So yesterday afternoon I set out once again.¬† I smoothly flowed the first 7 miles into Jasper, where I hung out with some exceptionally friendly Hardees’ employees for several hours until the sun began to set — whereupon I decided to walk the night to Lake City.¬† For the first 15+/- miles of this jaunt I was astounded at how my body had seemingly completely recovered from its previous ordeals, and yet the final 7+/- miles proved to be quite undoing (literally).¬† I did make it to White Springs @ around 2am this morning, and yet knew that I could go no further.¬†
After sleeping for a few hours on the floor of the local Post Office, I headed outside to pee — right as White Springs police lieutenant drove by! (oops) … She questioned me respectfully (I think this was the eighth time I had been so “interrogated” since setting forth) and then drove me to a convenience store on the outskirts of Lake City; marking the official end to Phase 1 of this incredible journey.
Phase 2 will commence today (I think) when I head to Gainesville to hang out with Robert Estling (the man who is facilitating Wednesday night’s presentation).¬† Thereafter, I’ll be heading for Orlando for a few days “R&R” with my friend Bert Schouten before commencing Phase 3 of the Trek:¬† my walk down the coast from South Daytona to Pompano Beach.
I don’t know how much of this will actually come to pass, of course, and yet I do feel almost certain that I will continue to make many powerful¬† conections with folks along the way.¬† And that, after all, is what Life is truly all about — for all of us …
So, until next time — Be Now!
(& remember to Be Kind!)
(the Numinous Nomad)