I haven’t shared Scaughdt’s posts in awhile, but I thought this one to be quite illuminating, and worth sharing.
Hi there, dear Friends!
After flowing smoothly through the night, I have arrived feeling well & happy in the town of Cocoa.  I have in-Joyed most of today in the main library here, which has given me much time to relfect on the Wonders of this Journey &indeed — my entire Life. 
As stories are always so much more interesting than platitudes, I think I will share one with you all now.
Yesterday I had walked the entire afternoon fueled only by two cereal bars & an apple that I had eaten that morning.  For a seasoned pilgrim, this in & of itself was no big deal.  Tap into the Power-Source of radical Kindness, and we can all do amazing things on very little of the traditional fuels of food & rest.  Still, after some 13 days of “stationary walking” in Gainesville & Orlando & New Smyrna Beach (what possibly appeared from your vantage point to have been “resting” or “healing”), my body was once again becoming reacquainted with hunger (actually, more the fear of not getting enough food — there is a big difference).  And this reacquaintance was proving to be a bit challenging on this particular afternoon.
So there I was, walking along in the heat with a rumbling stomach and not being offered any food and starting to think that I wouldn’t be offered any food ever again (sometimes the mind is NOT an ally) when I paused — I literally paused on the side of the road — and chose to amend those thoughts.  I chose to shift my focus to thoughts of Love & Gratitude — a profound Love for all that I already have as opposed to all that I do not; and a Gratitude for that Love, as well as a deep Gratitude for all of you, AND even a deep Gratitude for all the challenges that keep reminding me (ever so ungently) that I am a conscious Human Being. 
Well, not only did my hunger pains immediately cease, but my mentality-shift seemed to have a dramatic affect upon both the convenience store clerk and the sole patron in the very next shop I entered — the former of whom actually offered me a soda instead of merely a water, and the latter of whom bought me two bags of popcorn.  What made the entire event even more poignant was that the store clerk was a Hindu from India (Namaste!) while the patron was a “born-again” (at the very least in that moment) Christian American (Hallelujah!).  There might indeed be many different cultures & many different languages & many differnt theologies, and yet there is truly only one LOVE!
And so once again it was shown to me that the simplest deed of Kindness is truly anything but “insignificant” or “small”; that every time we pause and extend Caring to a stranger, entire lives are changed in ways we cannot ever know.
I will take this Truth with me anew as I flow onward tonight — and I invite you all to partake of its Wisdom as well!
Loving you each purely & without reservation regardless,