Last night I was asked about putting my art on Ebay and selling it. It is good advice, I mean that is how Duane Keiser became uber famous. I told them I had to think about it. And think of it I have.

I have thought of two ideas that are so radically different from the norm, but they represent a dynamic challenge for the good, and for change. Change in the world, change in my and others view of art as a commodity, change in the world for the betterment of all sentient beings, change in my thoughts, and especially thoughts of my art.

I will sell artwork on Ebay, or through any other means, under the premise that I give all the money I receive away. Who I give it to will be as need arises, but the persons who were gracious enough to give, I will let them know how their generosity played out by writing about it.

It will be one more way that I can give to people. I think the average people I meet would like the art that I have to give them. But, as much as they may like it, a drawing does not pay the bills for them or get the baby some formula. So, maybe through someone’s generosity at buying a drawing, I can be a vehicle to help a mom buy the month’s groceries. Or perhaps, I can parlay the kindness of one person to me, into enough money for an after care program for some boys. Likewise, perhaps I could use the funds for some school supplies for a weary overworked teacher. The idea is that people could get a piece of art and help out a human neighbor simultaneously.

The other idea I came up with was the statement: “I made this for you”. I have all these drawings, and I will obviously be doing more. I can just give them to people in need…at least in need of a better day. Maybe they don’t see life beautifully on that day or ever, perhaps a landscape or a portrait helps them see themselves and the world more beautifully. If anyone asks me for a “Peace”, I will offer one I have already done or I’ll do their portrait. When I give it to them I can honestly say, “I made this for you.” For I really had, I just didn’t know who they were at the time. I could arrange flowers outside a stranger’s window, I could pick someone’s weeds for them, or do any other kind act of service. I could whip out a quick sketch of someone as well and walk up and give it to them like I did in Long Beach.

Tonight was an important change. Die to self.