Only three nights to go!
At leats that’s the way it looks today — though we all know the saying “Make plans, God laughs”, so we’ll just have to wait and see.  Either way, the last two days have been fantastic and challenging and perfect — just like all the others so far.  I left Port St. Lucie two days ago and walked smoothly through the night to the odd little town of Hobe Sound — a kind of getaway for expatriots who don’t want to actually leave the country … 😉  There wasn’t alot of town to be seen and it was Sunday, so I didn’t exactly know what I was going to do to stay out of the heat … And then I was informed about theb local catholic church (dedicated to St. Christopher, who happens to be the patron Saint of travelers).  It was astoundingly beautiful, and reminded me alot of the gorgeous churches I visited while walking the Camino de Santiago through norther Spain back in 2008.  There was a peaceful garden where I could prayditate & walk barefoot in the grass, and the church ornamentations were loaded with lots of subtle sacred geometry forms and other archetypal wisdoms.  To top it all off, after the first mass (I attended three that day, the latter two in the afore-mentioned garden, where the audio from the mass is piped in to the folks sittin g there) a cherubic little man (George, an church-elder) came bouncing up to me and asked me if I really was doing what my smock said I was (“Walking the World for Peace & Freedom”).  I told him that I was indeed, and he took $5 from that day’s tithings and paid my tocket for the church breakfast that followed!  Amazing!  I ended up sitting next to Lorena, and 80+ year old woman who was born in Binghampton, New Yrok — practically right next to Johnson City, my own birthplace.
Anyway, after hanging that afternoon in the CVS pharmacy and bonding with the pharmacists there (one of whom is German woman), I set out againa nd cruised through the night to Jupiter, where I now sit in the Jupiter library.
My feet are still protesting the Walk, and yet I have scaled back the distances to show them some respect, so they are continuing to agree to continue … Tonight I will set forth again for Palm Beach, and look to be touch again from there.
Know that I am so appreciative of all your temails, thoughts & prayers.  It is going to eb such fun sharing these adventures with you all when I return (either via Blog or in person) … Until then, I hold you all in my Heart.