Last night, after a wonderful dinner, we sat on some beach chairs and watched the sunset. I must admit that this sunset ranks in the top 3 I’ve ever seen.

The day started early at 5am. I went running and then swimming, and watched the sunrise from the water. Beautiful really.

After that we packed up our things and headed out to go snorkeling. We took an hour catamaran boat ride out to a marine protected reef, and dove there for an hour…well most people dove for an hour. Apparently, they had blown the return horn 4 times for me, and I hadn’t heard them, and they were getting ready to leave. The idea wasn’t such a bad one…but. My cousin and I split up on this part, and we both had a great time. I am confident though that no one on the boat saw as much as I did, nor thoroughly enjoyed it as much as I.

I saw groupers:



But greatest of all, was getting schooled by over 50- 100lb+ Tarpon. Wow. Awesome. Made my day.

After that we walked all over town and looked in every store front, shopped for shoes incessantly (girls go figure), ate, people watched, arranged jet skiing for tomorrow, and generally had a good time. After that, we went our seperate ways. My cousin went back to the hotel, and I went and saw a movie that happens to be playing here that I’ve been wanting to see. But, more on that later.

Tonight we went to a Drag Queen show, dinner, a couple of bars, and had a wonderful time. After dinner, I was blessed to have my perspective shifted when a man begged for my leftovers. I was able to give them to him and tell him that he was loved. As he took my discarded food, he kissed my hand and said thank you. He was very grateful for the meal. It really makes me wonder did I even deserve any of the foods that I am willingly taking part in, without yet expressing how grateful I was. Point to ponder.