Today begins a new chapter in my evolution. Today marks a bold new step. Today I step out into the void. It isn’t the largest step, but a significant one none-the-less. It seems though wherever I turn, I encounter people stepping out and doing their part as well to re-humanize our species. People willing to answer a call to radical kindness. People who are tired of watching others wallow in the mire of poverty and are willing to take up their “cross” and do something about it. Here is one such character, his name is Shane Claiborne. It seems more and more people are rising up to provide balance to our universe…what a relief.

<a href="“>Shane Claiborne

Tomorrow one of my boys will be reading from the Torah for the first time as it is his Bar Mitzvah. I have been asked to read “The Prayer for Peace”; coincidence…I’d like to think not. I am humbled by the privilege, favor, and distinction.