Here are two drawings (one more successful than the other) using back lighting. It is a difficult way to draw, because it requires you to think and depict the negative rather than the positive. I don’t mean positive or negative as pros vs. cons. When you normally draw the face you are putting down marks that give value to the face. In other words, you are putting the face on the paper. In both these drawings, the darkest darks and the lightest lights are put down, and the face is essentially left to be the color of the paper. In the little girl this is done with greater success. In the woman, I kind of killed the illusion by adding value to her face by showing the reflected light. It is still OK, but not as successful as the little girl. Normally too, I begin drawing with a darker pencil than the paper, but in both of these I began by putting in the lights first. Personally, I think that little girl is just adorable. Hopefully, I will do her whole portrait in paint soon with her pink coordinated outfit.