If, as might happen, I am robbed on my run or as I prefer to see it, joyfully relieved of my burdens, it has been of great concern how I would be able to share art with the people. If I have no brushes, paper, paint, computer, or cell phone to deliver my stories or visions of nature, should I just pack my bags and give up? (Well, I guess technically if I have no bags–I’ve nothing to pack) To my delight, the paper that I love to draw on is Craft Paper. It is brown wood pulp paper. It isn’t archival in anyway, and is filled with acid. It is essentially the same paper as that of brown paper bags, and it is great to draw on. If all my stuff does go to someone who needs it more, where on earth could I find brown paper bags to draw on???

In addition, I thought that cardboard would serve as a great support for my paintings should my supplies run low…or run off. So, to test my theories I did this painting of some boats on a beautiful lake in Lyon, France. (Do you see why this town is amazing)

Basically, worst case scenario, I can find a pen, pencil, brown paper bags, and cardboard anywhere on earth. Cheap is international…I’m set.