It seems that everyone, including myself, are just waiting for this thing to begin. My good friend Tom commented to me yesterday that he was excited to see the way that my posts and artwork change when I just get out there and start doing this. “I want to hear about where did you sleep, what did you eat, who did you meet, and what nice farm family washed all your clothes for you?”

Another friend of mine yesterday asked me, “What did the original Peace Pilgrim ever accomplish?” It was a good question, one that I hadn’t thought to think of or answer for myself. In discussing it we talked about the hippy and peace movements. How in all likelihood she might have been one of the major catalysts. She wasn’t the first peace activist–far from. Nor will she be the last. In re-thinking my answer to my friends query, “What did she accomplish,” I can only say three things for sure: 1. She found inner peace. 2. She has inspired people to such an extent that they have been reprinting her literature about peace for 30 years and never charging for it. They have produced her works in over 60 languages and the demand continues to grow. 3. She inspired me.

The third may not be the greatest accomplishment. But, it is this last one unto which I have the greatest certainty. The peace that I now have, is not based upon a “Mountain Top” experience or following some guru. It isn’t based upon following the precepts of Jesus, Buddha, or the Peace Pilgrim. No, the peace that I have is available every minute of the day to anyone. When I choose to stop my mental activity, and actively express my gratitude at having had the chance to experience this moment…so fleeting and so beautiful.

The next logical question is how will I choose to spend the next moment? Selfishly or compassionately? In laughter or anger? In faith or worry? In peace or disquiet? In love or in hate?

It is truly just the choice of how.

This is only my way. This is the way of the Peace Artist: It all begins with gratitude. Love, help, make art and peace.