What do I take with me? I mean what does one really need? I don’t really need a tent or a sleeping bag. But, it would be nice to have them would it not? Everything else is just superfluous junk, but what do I really need? Pencils…but how many and which kind? Brushes??? Same questions apply. Paper, easel, paint, wash bins, paper towels??? It seems rather comical now trying to take an entire studio with you.

What is essential? Honestly…nothing. The Peace Pilgrim only took a comb and a toothbrush (in her first year she also had a scarf and gloves). Scaughdt took a bit more, changes is underwear, bible, a journal, and a memory stick. Jesus told his disciples to go out with nothing, not even a walking stick. And here I go with a veritable art store on wheels. But, more so, I must be ready to relinquish everything I am taking. I have to have less attachment to it than I do to my desire to love. If someone comes to me in the middle of the night asking for my computer, I must be willing to give it to him. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world (or a computer) but loose his soul?” Having a cell phone will make my mother and others happier, but if I give it away to a person in need, have I not done the right thing? What if someone wants to steal something from me? “If someone asks you to go a mile, go two with them.”

I must be prepared to loose it all.

Yesterday, I came to a realization. I’ve said that I am hoping to find that people are good on this trip. I have already found that to be true. I am now trusting that people are good…I’m betting my life on it.

So, in all seriousness, it really doesn’t matter what I bring, I’ll probably give it away at some point. Or perhaps like the old kanaka said to me at the entrance of the Pali Trail on Kaua’i, “You going to the end of the trail with all that stuff? You never gonna make it. You gonna throw dat stuff over da cliff.”

But for Kicks and Giggles, here is my packing list:

  1. Tent
  2. Sleeping Bag
  3. Pillow (yeah I’m a momma’s boy I’ve camped with and without, with is soooo much better)
  4. Thermarest (maybe)
  5. Water purifier (maybe)
  6. Running Stroller
  7. (3) running shirts
  8. (3) running shorts
  9. (3) running socks
  10. (2) running Pants
  11. Insulated Vest
  12. Rain Jacket
  13. Gloves and Beanie
  14. Running shoes
  15. Flint and Steel
  16. Sun block (maybe)
  17. Hat
  18. Bandanna
  19. Cell phone and plug
  20. Laptop and Plug
  21. Camera
  22. Oil Paint (How many tubes???)
  23. Gouache Paint (Same question???)
  24. Pastel Pencils
  25. Graphite Pencils
  26. Watercolor Blocks and pads
  27. Oil painting blocks and pads
  28. Easel
  29. Stool (maybe)
  30. Brushes
  31. Water trough
  32. Jar of Turpentine
  33. Sleeves for finished works

After writing this all out. It does seem a lot easier to do it the way she did it. We’ll see…it all may get thrown off a cliff. But, here is how John Singer Sargent did it.