Why am I going to run? What on earth would possess me to try to cover 10,000 miles on foot? Why not just take a car or a bicycle? Why do it at all? Aren’t there those in need here? Isn’t this trek a bit selfish? What should my answer be? For “Love, art, and peace”? Beautiful sounding as it is–no. Should I say courage then? If that were the whole truth it would suffice, and yet it is bigger than that. My task as I see it is to be reckless.

What do we lack as a species? Do we lack the psychology for peace or the literature? Do we lack the precedents of others who have walked before us? Do we lack the history of what even one committed soul can do when motivated? No we lack none of this…we lack desire.

We lack the conviction that comes from seeing the humanity and the divinity in our neighbors. We fail to have the willingness to lift a finger when we see injustice, we lack the temerity to sleuth out the truth behind the lies. We lack the indignation and vexation at the rape, destruction, and ravaging of our world. We lack the outrage at watching our divine brothers and sisters enslave, molest, and deprive each other.

Meanwhile children starve to death while my and your table sags from the weight of the food we waste. Why are we not enraged at the fact that so many are killed. We ignore the oxymoron and the madness of a “just war that can bring peace”??? 

Can our madness be cured? Can the complacency of a cold heart be eviscerated and the feeling of resign be evicted from our collective consciousness?

Can we achieve peace on Earth?

Can we be as courageous as a lion, as peaceful as a lamb, and as wise as an owl? Can we forever leave behind the shifting deference of the chameleon, the slander of the snake, and the selfishness of the turtle?

What can I offer? What can I do? What can I provide to the universe to help with all the problems I’ve listed? My talents are few, but my spirtit is willing. “Use me,” is my prayer. That is all I can suggest. I am available; I am willing.

This is why I run…this is why I paint.