In the last week I have given away nearly all my worldly possessions. Approximately 1000 art books, clothes, appliances, art, and most recently art supplies. I gave them to good homes, I hope, but the point is relinquishment.

Relinquishment is to voluntarily cease to keep or claim; to give something up. Surrender also implies giving up, but usually after a struggle or show of resistance. Yield is a milder synonym for surrender, implying some concession, respect, or even affection on the part of the person who is surrendering. Waive means to give up voluntarily a right or claim to something while cede is to give up by legal transfer or according to the terms of a treaty. If one relinquishes something finally and completely, often because of weariness or discouragement, you don’t want it back. I don’t want my things back. As the former steward of those things I just hope they are well cared for. But, since I’ve waived my legal right to them, C’est la Vie.

In determining which materials I plan to take, some decisions have to be made. I gave up every art edifice that I know that I will not use…that is to say a lot. I always joked, I could have opened my own art supply store. Of course I’m taking oil, gouache, and drawing materials. But, there is the question of pastels. I love pastels. I just never do them. Well, it is now or never baby! If I’m gonna take ’em, I better be sure, otherwise–let them go. So here is my first “real” pastel drawing. I’ve done work with pastel pencils, but never the sticks. This was my first go. I like it. Not the best drawing mind you, but it was fun!