“It isn’t about what is written but what works.”– Scaughdt Iam

It seems that attempting any semblance of a web presence is difficult while in transit. Which is something of note, considering that the life I intend is one of constant movement.  The question I’ve been asking myself though is one completely different. Namely, am I so prosaic or myopic in my world view that the over-arching theme is: “It is all about me”? Having discussed this at some length with my friend Susan, she assured me that my motivation and intent comes through the drivel that I write, or at least resonates somewhere in it. My aspiration is to share this odyssey with whoever is willing to read it, for one sole and perhaps under-expressed reason; encouragement.

How it all came together is a bit conflated now, but its results are truly the bulk of the tale. That you as readers could see the evolution of  a man, from selfishly motivated living toward one more selflessly inspired. That is to say, that most of you who are reading this are well aware of my weaknesses and fallibility, my arrogance and my ignorance. But, the kernel that is of hopeful inspiration is my and our humanity. I am not the worst person ever, nor am I the best. I am not the most talented, nor the least. I am not the most generous nor the most selfish. I am you. I am normal. I am human.

As humans though, I believe that we are discovering that it isn’t working to be self-centered. Science has proven time and again that we are not the center of the cosmos. We are a normal planet in a normal single star solar system, in the backyard of milky way, in a forgotten part of the Universe. We are feeble and we are arrogant…and yet we can love. We have the beautiful choice to give when we feel least inclined to. And, it is by that very act of choosing that we can change.

My blog, my diatribes, my musings, and ramblings are all to this point. To stand as a witness of another making a different choice. Perhaps, that witness will inspire you. As my dear friend Scaughdt has noted; “It isn’t about what is written, but what works.” This is my journey’s beginning…let’s see what works.