I wish to scribble some profound words. I want to write them with eloquence. I desire that the reader upon perusing them would experience a keen, acute, and earnest sense of connection with my own heart. I do so long to be used. I cry out daily to sky, use me…I am available.

I have had 20 years of training as an artist. I have buffeted my body with 30 years of athletic preparation. 20 years I have engineered the physiques of sportsman, and tailored their training to make them state, regional, and national champions. I judged, performed, and coached on stages from Ljubljana, Slovenia to Tokyo, Japan and everywhere in between. And yet, I admit to you…I am at a loss.

I don’t know how to prepare.

My dear friend Scaughdt, wise as he is in these matters, upon seeking his counsel replied with mirth and candor, “You can prepare physically, mentally, and spiritually—no matter, the journey will be such that your preparations will be effective for 10%, and the other 90% will be completely unexpected.” So…I plod along as best I see fit. Running 10+ miles a day, painting and drawing, eating right, and most of all being thankful for this opportunity I do the best that I think I am capable. But I wonder…

I’m learning, in an oh-so-humbling way, that when I feel lost, aimless, or lacking in direction if I am feeling like my fruits are for naught one simple course correction puts everything in proper perspective. I need only find something selfless or compassionate to do and everything becomes clear and right again. So simple…why is it so easy to forget?

This is Jesse. I was honored to be able to meet and draw him. He is a sweet kid who has been apparently living in the park for 3 years with his girlfriend; astonishing really.

Perhaps you are wondering, “Why all the homeless people?” My answer is one of simple logistics. They have been the most inviting. Having been labeled outcasts and generally ignored by most “mainstream” people, they are more willing and generous with their time, and give it freely to a weird guy, pushing a baby stroller with no baby, wearing a smock emblazoned with Peace Artist. They need love, as do we all, and judging by Jesus example, the doctor doesn’t come to heal the well, but the sick. Love to all.