They always said it was the hardest. I’d done it once or twice, but never really tried. Painting out of doors in oil has got to be the hardest type of painting ever!!! There are things there that you would never have to deal with in the studio:

  1. Bugs
  2. Wind
  3. Weather
  4. Bugs!!!
  5. Temperature
  6. Changing lighting
  7. Dirt
  8. Forgetting something (Why is it always white paint!!!)
  9. Disposal (mainly paper towels…but today I added 3 canvases to the rubbish)
  10. Sunburn
  11. Movement (trees in photographs don’t sway, shadows don’t change, and cute bunny rabbits stay still-Dammit!!!)
  12. Comfort

That being said I learned a lot today, and I created 3 bad works that will be burned post haste, and one bad one that won’t be burned. Anyway, needless to say I am considering not bringing oils all together. However, if I do, and I probably will, I will have lots of practice of how to screw things up in 10,000 miles.

Below is a field of plants purple like lavender, but with big green leafy bottoms, and tall stalks of purple flowers. I have no idea what they were, but they were very pretty. Happy.