I wake up each day and am thankful. Each day I am grateful to the universe for all that I’ve seen, experienced, and been given.

I never used to be like that. Like most people I viewed today as merely a stepping stone to happiness that would arrive sometime tomorrow. Most of us grind through a monotony in our lives of waiting, longing, hoping for that vacation. We long for that beach chair, the piña colada, the good book, and the sexy partner to join us. We dream of beaches where we have next to nothing but are extremely happy, but we return home to our two-car garages that are so full of crap that we can’t even park in them.

We are pack rats. We always want more, that Ginzu knife that will make us happy. When I was a kid it was the Millennium Falcon, then it was bike, a girlfriend, a car, a house, a job, a degree, a career. I got them all…I wasn’t happier…I just wanted more.

What then changed? I stopped trying to make my day, and started trying to make them for others. I actively sought to make others happy even when I didn’t feel like it. I mean hell I’ve been trying to make myself happy with limited success for far too long with pitiful results. So what could it hurt to try to make another happy, happy despite what the consequences may be for me. I encourage you to try it. Give when it hurts, and give joyfully.

What has followed as a result has been nothing short of MIRACULOUS! It is very simple really, stop thinking of yourself, start thinking of others, loose your life in order to find it.

Today, I wanted to make someones day. I was really heartened by my friend Jeanne’s note the other day, so I thought that I would go and paint a flower and give it to her. That was my only agenda today—love a complete stranger. As it happens, just by “coincidence” after I delivered her flower there just “happened” to be a seminar on barefoot running taking place. Hmmmm, funny because I have been thinking of how to be more ecological in the whole trip, and especially when it comes to running shoes. I had some questions for the author/speaker afterward, and he was completely generous with me, and gave me a hug and gave me hints of how to solve my ecology and running shoe problem. Seek and you will find.

I was given $20 today, and I was looking how to use it for others.  Buy more art supplies to do more works for others? Give it to some homeless people? Buys someones gas for them at the pump? How could I use it for the most good? I talked to Scaughdt later in the evening to congratulate him on his spectacular blog. If you haven’t read it, it is a must!


He gave me an idea about what to do when people give you money in a restaurant, and your meal has already been paid for. He said he gives it to the waiter/waitress and asks them to use it for food for the next homeless people or those who can’t afford more food when they come in. I thought it was a spectacular idea!

So tonight finding no one to give the $20 to, I stopped into a local burrito stand to get a burrito. When the guy asked about my smock, I told him what I was doing, and he and the other girls working, bought me my burrito. I was stunned and floored by their generosity to me. I gave them the $20 bill and asked them to use it to buy the next homeless or hungry person they encounter a burrito. The cycle was complete. (By the way, that burrito tasted soooo good because it was made with love)

So, you want to be happy? You want to make your day? Seek to make someone else’s day. You cannot help but feel the love you give away.