Here is the proposed route that I will be taking. As one can see there are a variety of  routes to take through certain parts. “The worst thing to take sailing is a schedule” was advice given to me by my friend Tom. Off the boat the advice is still sound. This route is only that…directions, intentions, and points of interest for painting, national parks, and art museums.

I’ve always wanted to see the Olympic Forest, and so that is where I am starting. I loved Yellowstone so it is one of the last things I have the intention of visiting. A wise friend (Tom) advised me to always stay close to water, and always choose the path that leads to it. Again, sound advice.

I’ve always wanted to visit the National Portrait Gallery in DC as well as the National Gallery and other museums there. The Cleavland Art Museum has great holdings, as do the museums in Chicago. There will be many more I’m sure I will discover along the way. In addition, I’d like to meet as many artists as possible along the way.

I have intentions regarding the directions, sights, and time-line for this adventure, but I am open, amiable, and willing to that which best serves my true purpose and intention. Regardless of how many parks I see, museums I survey, and paintings I produce, there is only one real intention and purpose. To live compassionately. To do what I can to bring about peace. But, most importantly to love.