WIP (work in progress) on the Monsterpeace. Things continue to improve, and I might even get done before I leave. We will see.

Sorry for the glare on this one. Most of what I worked on today was the reflection on the water from the distant trees, and the coke bottles. The coke bottles are nearly finished, however the reflection and background have A LOT  to go. I have learned my lesson though. When painting this large, always paint from back to front. Always, get your reflections down FIRST!!! And, always paint the water and the sky at the same time! Sheesh! Fighting it now is soooo much harder.

I am however becoming happier with it as I see it coming together. And, I learning a lot about the way I like to paint indoors. Hopefully I can translate that into better outdoor paintings. Which to be quite frank, have sucked a bit.

Here is one from yesterday. I learned from this one; don’t sit in the direct sun for over an hour painting a wheelbarrow. No matter how great the subject, the sunburn isn’t worth it. Paint subjects that offer shade.

I really learned too that I am rushing the paintings. This old gravity fed gas pump was so cool and I wanted to paint it so badly, but it too was in full sunlight. Another hour burning my skull. Not smart. But, I tried another experiment, I took Alkyd paints with me. They dry really fast, and they are very similar to oils. I had forgotten that I had brought them on purpose to take with me on the trip. Perhaps oils (alkyds) will make the trip after all. Ha ha ha!!! Happy.