I’ve already had Poison Oak two times this summer. So…I thought I aught to do a painting of it. At least it’ll make me more aware of what I need to look out for.

I met Marty and his wife while they were out for their 4 mile evening walk with their dog. They had seen me working on this piece, and queried as to it’s finish. Marty too had been a victim of poison oak this summer and so it seem right to offer him the painting. I think it made their evening, and it certainly did mine.

Earlier in the day I had run out to a remote fishing hole. While there, I met Wesley a mechanical engineer from Missouri who came up with a brilliant idea to keep a canoe stable. He devised outriggers that adjust to the level of buoyancy of the boat. He made them himself out of PVC pipe, and roped them simply to the rails of his canoe. When the draft is greater, the pontoons splay out farther, when it is just him in the craft, their angle is closer to perpendicular. It was absolute genius, and I promised him should I market his idea, that I will cut him in for at least 50%.

After Wesley left, I began painting this watercolor, it was going well, and I started to congratulate myself on a job well done. Then, a dog came and decided it would be most loving to shake himself out right behind me. All I could do was laugh and try to protect the picture, and realize the universe was trying to keep me humble. Happy.