Really? When the Israelites walked around in the desert for 40 years, did they have to worry about eating too much manna??? As I get closer to my departure date, more and more I am being shown to just let go and have faith.

What am I going to eat has been a point of concern, especially for the mommies. They want to load me down with food for the journey. But, that is one of the articles that I am testing. It is said, “Do not store up treasures”, and “Don’t worry about what you will eat or wear”. So…I haven’t been worrying. The thought of bringing a lot of food with me goes against that storing up treasures (of food) idea. The point is trust and have faith. On this point I haven’t had too many concerns.

Today, as I ran, I thought I would try to see how much food was actually available to me out there. If I was just aware of it, how could/would the universe provide? The answer: In abundance! I wasn’t even trying but this is what I collected today at random:

The day started with filling a quart ziplock bag with fresh blackberries. Mmmmmm. I could have filled gallon bags, but this is what I needed/wanted/could eat today.

Here I collected dandelion greens. I have older and younger ones here. I’ve read that the older ones are more bitter, and therefore tougher on the palette. As you can see I only got a little, again not trying to store up. I picked these off the curb as I was running, and as you can see I washed them thoroughly. BTW, the tiny ones do taste a million times better. Also pictured at the top is Queen Anne’s Lace. It is a natural carrot, and it tastes like one. But, you need to be a beaver to eat it. I think I would have to cook or roast those if I were to eat them because they were too hard and stringy to eat raw.

My three favorite foods in the world are plums, rice, and bananas. So these plums called to me. There were about 20 more, but I ate them while running for energy. Thankfully, after eating 20 plums I wasn’t running for the restroom. šŸ™‚

All these apples presented themselves to me today. They literally were in my path as I was running. Sure they were bruised a bit, and one had a worm hole, but I washed them and cut out the bad parts. This was the part that was the most “Manna” like. After I found each of them, I looked up to find the tree that they came from. No apple trees around. They weren’t store bought and dropped. They were in my path for me. Absolutely delicious!

This is what I made with them. I hope my friend Bert (a Florida Chef) will put it on his menu! šŸ™‚ Homemade waffles with a slice of cheddar cheese, a slice of field roast (vegetarian), blackberry compote (yes, made it myself), dandelion greens, apple slices, and finished with a blue cheese yogurt dressing. To some that may sound bad, but I am a big fan of the sweet and sour mixes (pear and gorgonzola, gouda and candied walnuts, etc.), and I found it divine. Others around me were skeptical, but when they tried it, they were impressed with the fixins! The cheeses balanced the extra sweetness of the compote, and the apples tartness cleansed the palette.

At the very least, I impressed myself. What was the bigger lesson; the universe provided half of that meal. Had I only eaten what I gleaned today(no waffles and cheese), I would have been very happy…and regular. šŸ™‚