There is an old term called knit hearts. It refers to friends whose attachment and affinity for each other is so sincere that it is as if their hearts were knit together. People are good. Today I informed everyone I know in the world about my pilgrimage. I have friends whose love for me and more specifically this pilgrimage is such that when they heard of it, that they leapt at the possibility of helping.

Let me tell you about Joe. In Buddhism they believe there are three emotions that lead us to do bad things: Lust, Passion, and Aversion. We in the Judeo-Christian world are well versed in the first two, but just gloss over the later. We have no problem in this society being grossed out by people with ailments. We publicly display our aversion to anyone whose health, smell, or ailments render them less than desirable. We make no qualms about it either as we sign up to salute the clean, well washed and perfectly tailored. But, most would have a problem if a “street person” wanted to give them a hug.  We have become so germ-a-phobic in our culture that grocery stores even have sanitary wipes for the shopping carts. But, if we are to follow the examples of the Buddha and Jesus, we should hug, love, and dine with the lepers and those whose physical ailments may turn our stomach.

But, we were talking about Joe. My dear friends former job, was to walk the streets of Hawaii with a giant bag of condoms and lubricant on his back every night and distribute them to anyone who wanted them. But, his nightly targets were the prostitutes, the addicts, and party bar frequenters to help quell the spread of AIDS and HIV. He would actively seek out the people that most individuals would cross the street to avoid. Joe walked up to and hugged, loved, counseled, laughed with, and cried with those that I am sure Jesus would have hung with too. He didn’t preach to them and tell them to get off the street. He didn’t arrest them as would the police. No he loved them, and catered to their needs where they were at. He sought to love the rest of world as best he could by preventing the spread of a real disease not the imaginary ones that “might” be on a shopping cart. Joe was love.

So today when I let everyone that I know in the world learn of my imminent departure, Joe did what he thought best. He broadcast it to the world, or his tiny section of it. He believed in me, but more specifically, he believed in the message of peace so much that he recognized that I am doing what I can do for peace. He in like mind would do everything within his power to work toward the same ends. Love.

However, he was not alone. I know two twins, “The Barbie Twins” as I lovingly refer to them who one-upped Joe. They broadcast the message of peace to their circle of friends, and then they began working as my unpaid and unofficial PR group. These wonderful girls with the most sincere hearts began mining my writings for the kernels that spoke truth to them and began to relay and transmit the message of peace as they knew how and as their tremendous networking skills led them. Terri, my calabash sister, cast her net to secure housing and food for me throughout my travels by appealing to her former sorority sisters.

My friend Susan, whose son is depicted above, has certainly done more for this Trek than any other person. She has fed me, driven me, counseled me, and loved me. She has listened to my diatribes, and comforted me when I cried. She did what she could do, and as such, she pretty much helped the Peace Artist come into being. Without a doubt this whole sojourn would not be possible without her help, for which I am humbled.

I was blessed today to hear words of encouragement from old friends like Sean, Gray, Thomas, Joey, Keith, John Sr., and many others who also cast nets and publicized and proclaimed the dispatch with reckless abandon to all their intimates and confidantes. Today I received offers from complete strangers and old friends and family for lodging and food in Arizona, California, Idaho, Wyoming, North Carolina, and 10 other states. Fellow artists, photographers, illustrators, sculptors, musicians, and thespians also commented on how the pilgrimage is motivating them to see what they can do for peace, love, and the brotherhood of man. I was contacted by a mother who recently gave birth to a baby with special needs, and it radically changed her life. The experience caused her realize how special and beautiful life is. She has come to grips now with the fact that we are all human, but that doesn’t make us weak as the cliche often states, “Well, I’m only human”. But rather, our humanness is what makes us humane, makes us powerful, beautiful, and divine.

All this from a candid email. It really is this simple my friends. If we all do what we can do, and only what we can do…well then there isn’t anything we can’t do.

I began this email with the notion that two hearts can be knit together. The human heart has the dual capability to produce both magnetic and electrical impulses. The electrical are 10 times stronger, and the magnetic are 100 times stronger than those produced in the brain, and over 1000 times stronger than anywhere else in the human body. We know that strong electric and magnetic forces can cause particles, cells, and perhaps even the world to change. The power of us all working, thinking, and fixating upon peace with hearts knit together with and by love will change the world.

Thank you all for a day of rejuvenation, invigoration, and stimulation. Thank you for a day of peace.