8:15 am. The birth of the LAP. The big LAP (Love, Art, & Peace) around the country. [Thank you again for the acronym Scaughdt!]

Nothing has changed. I haven’t had any moment of epiphany, the heavens haven’t opened, and frankly I don’t feel particularly different. However, I am different. I have been different everyday since I started to care. Care for those who love me, those who are indifferent, and for those who despise me. Since I began to care for a world that has lost care for itself, I am different.

This morning I thought a lot about Norma, the original Peace Pilgrim. I thought about how radical it must of have been for this white haired old lady to step out in front of the Pasadena Rose Parade. I thought of how she must have stayed in a hotel the night before, just like I did last night. I thought of how she must have felt on her first day stepping out into the void. Did she eat breakfast? I did. She probably did too.  Did she lay her clothes out the night before like I did? Was she anxious? Did she have butterflies in her stomach?

I was lucky though. I don’t think that anyone saw Norma off. Fo me, my Mother, Aunt, Cousin, Niece,  as well as Scaughdt, Becky, and the friends that Scaughdt invited in addition to the original idea girl Giovaninna were all in attendance for me. Love.

But, more than that, thank you all for all your well wishes and aid to make this pilgrimage possible.