1 Ferry, 1 Sound, 2 Canals, 2 Bridges, and about 35 miles, and I am…well, I really don’t know where in the hell I am. But, I’m here, and I’m happy.

I spent last night with my aunt which may prove to be one of the greatest highlights of this trip. We scrounged for driftwood on the beach of the Hoods Port Canal. We took all that was available off the beach, it seems we were given just the perfect amount for last night and this mornings fires. Coincidence or providence? I thought about not bring that question up any longer, but my friend Scaughdt reminded me that that is why we are doing this. Not everyone has to give up everything, and run around the country, everyone has a different path. But, if I do, and I am taken care of like I have been so far, then it seems to me to serve as a testament of the richness of life, the goodness of people, and the love that is in all of our hearts. If I can be taken care of, so will you, take courage therefore as you go about your day, and as you strive to love and make peace

Funny as I just wrote the following passage, Michael Holland, the owner of the Coho Coffee in Shine, Washington where I stopped, just bought me a smoothie. (Thank you again Michael) Coincidence or Providence?

I had asked Scaughdt for any last minute advice for the trip, and he said he had none, save one. Enjoy every minute for its own richness. Don’t be concerned about miles traveled, roads taken, or destinations reached. Be in the moment. The road is not the destination nor the path, gratitude is the THE WAY.

Love to all.