The first night was the hardest. I don’t know why. I just was anxious I guess. I suppose it was the unknown. I mean I’ve camped a lot before. One’s vulnerability is merely a state of mind. You really are no safer in your home than you are out in the open, but it is our training and our mindset that is the hindrance or the liberator.

I say my trip has been a bit like Sisyphus who was a king punished by being compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, and to repeat this throughout eternity. One reason is that I trained on mostly flat roads compared to the hills of the Olympic Forest. Secondly, although I trained with the cart extensively, I didn’t ever load it with EVERYTHING, as such it is very heavy. This keeps me from running up hill (not complaining about that one), but it has such breakaway speed, that it is a killer quad burner down hill.

However, it is beautiful. This week is supposed to be sunny. I’ve also been able to see a lot of wildlife. Yesterday a raccoon came and joined me while I napped. I’ve seen harbor seals swimming quite close to me in the sound and the canals. I’ve also seen a lot of deer. Like this one that just could figure out what I was about. I was able to help a lady on the side of the road yesterday who had a flat in the middle of nowhere. She was handling it herself, but as always, it is nice to have a helping hand.

So, now I am here in a road side organic espresso stop with gardens. I’ve been singing the the Johnny Appleseed song pretty much non-stop since leaving. Thanks Gio, it has been such a nice reminder. Today, I’ve eaten blackberries, Queen Anne’s lace, dandelions, and a new one today—cattails. I have to say, it is delicious…once you get past all the mud.

So, I guess all I have to say is…onward.