My friend Ray mentioned this to me. You receive from others exactly what you give them in the first place. I’ve been lucky to be able to garner a great deal of love on this trip. Hopefully I have given more. As I walk or run down the street, I focus on compassion. I extend it first to those directly in my line of sight, then to family members, loved ones, and friends. Then for those whom I know, and then those I don’t .

This trip has allowed me to meet and come into contact with many people that I wouldn’t have otherwise. When I was at the Internet Cafe in Quinault at Amanda Park, the owner came in for a sandwich at lunch. Butch is a very giving man, and that day he was busy putting a new roof on his church. The girls at the cafe told me that housed some people from Hawaii who were looking for seasonal work, and gave them jobs as night help in the restaurant that is attached to the cafe. Butch asked me if I needed a shower (I think he gathered that I shaved in his restroom) and was kind enough to let me use his “fishing buddies” apartment’s shower out back. He offered me a nights stay as well. Really very kind. So I drew his restaurant/cafe/post office here. I offered to come help with the roof, but he said, “Life is short, go and enjoy your journey.”

The next day, I stopped at a campground that had a stream and pond attached. It was early in the morning, and the light off the trees and across the pond was beautiful. I started to paint it, and Jeannine came out of her tent and we struck a conversation. She was very sweet to me, and gave me some food. I was able to give her this painting, in which she delighted. She kept saying, “I can’t wait to get it framed!”

Later in the day I saw Michele’s son’s old shed. It was perfect. I asked her if I could go on her land and draw it. She was babysitting her grand kids, and was happy to oblige me. Soon her son came home and they were gratified to have a portrait of their old shed.

Today, some people stopped me as I was walking, they had seen me for the last 3 days walking the 101 South. They pulled over and we talked some. I gave them a watercolor of a young tree, and the young woman was so delighted, she had me endorse it to her and her husband Jamie because it was their anniversary. After that they gave me some apples for my trip. Life is good. People are good. People are kind.