“Friends will help you move; best friends will help you move bodies.” – David Nance

Winnie, a dear friend, has taken it upon herself to be “there” for anything and everything. She seems to have an innate sense about when things are going well…and when they aren’t. She yells at me, “Listen to Winnie!!!” She is vigilant, and monitors the weather reports for wherever I am in the country, and takes care of me. She begged me to get out of the 6 days deluge of rain this part of the coast was seen and check into a hotel. I took her admonishments and found an inexpensive hotel the other night at her expense. Warm shower-warm bed-warm heart. Happy. This “Tigger” is ready to bounce.

At the hotel, I needed to dry some of my clothes, but being a small hotel, there weren’t any laundry facilities on site. There was a laundry close, but taking dry clothes back out into the rain would defeat the purpose of going. Ruby and David the proprietors of the establishment generously offered to give me a ride there, the quarters necessary, and a ride back in their car. I was humbled by their generosity, I never asked for such a thing, that is just who they were…kind and compassionate.

I took the next day off. I learned from the first round on the road that I MUST take rest, or else I will tear up my legs. So, I spent the day in a coffee shop. There I met Dave and David. We struck on a conversation, and eventually the subject of my pilgrimage came up. Dave and David left to move their mother in law, and then to my surprise, they came back. Dave asked me if I was hungry, and generously bought us a Greek vegetarian pizza that we both scarfed down. 🙂 The next town along my path was Port Orford, Dave had built a shed on his property in Port Orford, and offered me as many nights stay as I cared for. I trekked the 24 miles in the rain to find this bastion of comfort awaiting me, and did I ever need it. A storm with 25-50 mile an hour head-winds had plauged me as I ran up and down the hills in the 24 mile jaunt to the shed. Had I camped out of doors…I probably wouldn’t be such a happy camper. I’d never been so happy to be indoors. Thank you Dave!!!

Along the way I met some Brits who were taking in the coast—cycling America. They were wonderfully nice people, and their smiles despite the rain were like sun rays.

The next guy I met was Bob. A carpenter by trade from Cincinnati. He, like me, had taken to the road to give love, compassion, and service to anyone he could meet. He lives on faith, and shares his passion for life, his path, and his love with all whom he comes in contact. I find it so odd that I am meeting all these people who believe and state all that I have come to discover independently on my own?!! We have all independently have come to believe that are all one, this is it, this is you life, get out there and love someone radically as best you can!

There is a faux scientific concept called the 100th monkey principle and is alternately known by the term “Morphic Fields”. Although the science of this idea exists as pseudo-science, we have all at some point experienced it in some way. The idea that if enough people (approximately 10%) of a population begins doing or believing a thing, somehow immediately all people/monkeys/animals in a population spontaneously begin expressing that behavior or thought simultaneously. People often point to Lebniz’s and Newton’s co-discovery of calculus at the same time as evidence of such “evolution”.  It seems wherever I go, I am meeting a growing population of people that are convinced that know, more than ever in history, is the point where love and selfless living is “the” way.

I invited Bob to spend the night with me in the shed and secured Dave’s permission. The two of us pooled our food and resources and feasted on sauteed broccoli, carrots, onions, and garlic with rice. We had avocado sandwiches, hot chocolate, strawberry newtons, and pop tarts for desert! Awesome!!! Truly, where one sleeps alone cold, two sleep together warm. Today the rain has abated, and I am happy. Life is good, people are good. The compassion of others poured out on me is…staggering.

Love, Art, and Peace to all.