Finally yesterday afternoon the clouds started to separate and the sun peeked out.

My shoes dried out, and I’m happy.

Prehistoric forests around Mt. Humbug.

It rained all night, but when I woke, this was my view.

I’ve met a lot of great people today. Doug here is an engineer, and was kind to allow me to draw his portrait. We had a great conversation and he helped me remember to be awake at any moment to learn all that I can from anyone. A very sweet man.

I met two men name Paul today. This first one trains horses, and provides free horse rides to anyone along the beach. He pulled off the road to talk to me, and he told me of his desire to ride on horseback the perimeter of the US, and to do it for Peace and children. It is so amazing that I am meeting all these random people of likemindedness.

The next Paul I met was riding his bike on his way to work. Kindly he offered me a beer and I offered him an apple. We talked for a bit and then parted ways. But I felt like all the people I’ve been meeting have been so kind and compassionate to me and the others in their lives. Happy.

Love, Art, and Peace to all.