Well, I was able to escape the gravity of the black hole that was Oregon. Being in a comfortable place, close to mom, familiarity, etc….the pull was strong, but I finally broke free. Happy. Rain is coming, but my solace is found in the fact that it is only another 350 miles till I get to San Francisco, and I get to see my boys. The little ones have been writing me notes on and off encouraging me along my way. But giving those little muscle bound dudes a hug is what I really want to do.

The scenery has dramatically changed as well. Gone are the open farm land, the mountain switchbacks, and the endless canyons of Oregon. Gone are the clear lakes, the tall mountains, and the deep swamps of Washington. Now the forest opens up into wide plains of the Redwoods. The feeling I get from people is very different too. Palpable. I pause now to reflect on what has transpired, how far I’ve come, and what has been accomplished. 750 miles- nearly one tenth of my goal, I know there will be more adversities and moments to overcome, but I feel more grounded than ever it what I am doing. I am just along for the ride so it seems; present in each moment.

My mom had a beautiful comment last night. She said, “I finally think I get what you are trying to do. Each time you meet someone it is a chance for you to apply what you believe. It is as if meeting each new person serves as a chance to engage enlightenment.” Wow! How brilliantly stated. It truly is our chance, every moment, every time we meet someone— to love them, to serve them, to cherish them. It is in that moment when we choose to care that we are enlightened.