Samantha works at Starbucks. She is the very sweet kind of a person that we all hope to have as a friend. The kind of person that gives hugs to the regulars and to crazy guys wearing strange tunics. She is the kind of person who takes free coffee and food samples out and delivers them to customers. She is the kind of person who makes sure everyone is helped. She does this volunteering as a firefighter.

She asked me to paint her a firefighter with a baby/child. I wasn’t sure about the piece at first, but then I thought, “Who the hell am I not to give this sweet person exactly what she asked for?” People give me what I need all the time, why wouldn’t I give it back. So, I did the best firefighter I could. Later she came over, nearly in tears, happy that I would do this “peace” for her. She gave me a hug, and was very happy. I was so happy to serve her.

Doug here was a service worker with the people of Nicaragua during the Iran-Contra affair. He also is a survivor, he was electrocuted, dying, died, and was revived. He is currently writing a book about his life experiences. He was a very sweet man to talk to and was very kind with his time.

Today and yesterday, I walked/ran through the Redwoods, and I was floored by the beauty. Life is good, and I am very very happy.