Taking a scenic road through the redwoods.

Redwoods beach.

Mountain pond.

Trees of Mystery.

American Patriotism.

Golden Bear Rodeo.

Klamath River Valley.

This “tiny” Redwood is only 5 feet wide. Yet it was 270 years old when it fell. (yes, I counted)

This tree however is a little wider.

Forest bridge and stream.

Forest glen.

Sign stating the obvious.

The leaves are beginning to turn. I haven’t really experienced fall since I was a kid. As a child I really noticed it. We did things to celebrate it, jumped in leaf piles, carved pumpkins, picked up walnuts and apples, it is nice to “notice” it again.


The elk are in the valleys trying to pack on the last pounds before winter. Having just finished rutting, everyone is at peace again.

Made some friends with some horses. Having some apples didn’t hurt.

Morning mist.


Mist rising off a lagoon.

Little red school house.

The high pressure system is thankfully moving in so all the rain has gone and the next week is all sun.

Wetland sanctuary.