I meet far more people than I will ever be able to write about. Starbucks is great in that it is a microcosm of a chunk of humanity it seems. The wonderful thing about being an artist is that all I need to do is begin a piece in plain view, and art functions like a magnet. Soon someone comments saying something to the effect of, “Nice work man.” They are always taken aback when I reply, “If you give me a couple of minutes to finish it, it is yours.”

People aren’t use to receiving anything for free let alone something the would probably pay for. They already “paid” me a compliment, the least I can do is return the favor. Love is easy this way.

Richard was a cook at the restaurant that I stopped in last night to use the Wifi. He had been on a trek similar to mine years ago when he hitchhiked around the US for 3 years.

Kris, a barista at Starbucks saw me working on this piece while he was moping. He was ecstatic when I told him I would give it to him. This is the road I ran in order to get to McKinelyville today.

After Kris received his “peace”, everyone else was a bit jealous, so I gave works to everyone else as well.

Tiffany here loved on me a little and gave me a free venti steamed soy with toffee nut. Rock on! Thanks again Tiffany!

Nikki took pity on me, and gave me a whole tray of muffins for breakfast.

She was very sweet, and was excited to give her portrait to her mother.

Life is good. Love, Art, and Peace to everyone.