As I exited the bridge onto the streets of Eureka, CA. I was immediately drawn to a woman and man engaged in a fight both verbal and physical. I did what I could to assuage their anger, and remind them that they truly do love each other. I called 911 hoping they would serve as mediators and peace could be found. At first the man was upset at me, but when I explained that I loved him, and I didn’t want he or her to do anything that they would regret for years, he mellowed. In the end they were both crying.

In the depth of our being, we all just want to be loved and to love.

Last night I camped out with the occupy wall street group here in Eureka, CA. Nearly every hour on the hour someone drove by yelling, and a verbal fight broke out. The way of love and compassion is the ONLY way that we will all be able to live in harmony as one.