I was fortunate enough to have a great circle of friends when I was a teacher. A great colleague and friend during that time was a man named John Snell. Most teachers are referred to by their last names, as that is what we hear the students call each of us more often than our first names. Snell, was and is a jovial guy, who always has a good story that seems to trump the last one told. An avid baseball player and fan, Snell went out of his way to impart his love and knowledge of the game to the children under his charge.


Although I hadn’t seen John in 7-8 years, when he heard that I was headed his direction, he insisted that I take advantage of he and his family’s hospitality. Though I’d never met his parents, they were kind enough to put me up for 2 nights and feed me like a king. They have loaded my cart up with so much food for the journey, that I don’t know if it will roll. They are the kind of people that take time every evening to have “happy hour”, enjoy the sunset and each other’s company.

Jack and Marguerite are delightful people. Although they’ve lived around the country, they find they feel most at home in the small town where the rivers still run blue, the mountains are out your back door, and you don’t need to use your turn signal, because everyone knows where you are going anyway. These are the kind of people that take time to go and stack wood for the elderly widow, pick apples and pears off the trees for those that don’t have enough food, and take it weary strange men on pilgrimages around the US. They live compassionately and love abundantly, and I am grateful that there are so many people like them out there.

Love, Art & Peace to all.