It seems that the most perfect way to exist is to live compassionately toward all people, animals, and even the earth. In doing so I’ve fouind that what I do without being commanded is what others do only from fear of the law.

However, even when you are trying to do that which is “seemingly right” you tend to stumble into trouble. There is no way to make it South in California except to gallivant and traipse acrsoss the highway 101. Unfortunately, California refers to both highways and interstates as freeways. As such, pedestrians are prohibited. If however I were riding a bike, or even riding on my cart, I would be OK, but pushing it makes me a pedestrian and a recalcitrant.

The kind officer of the California Highway Patrol who pulled me over and “gave me a ride” to the next town was sympathetic to my mission and my plight. However, he was more happy that I didn’t have any kids in my chariot. Having received said “ride” into town, I must reflect, that it is a surreal experience to roll into town and “exit” from a police car in front of the local coffee shop. In sincerity, the officer was kind in every way, accommodating, and friendly. I appreciated and thanked him for the ride, and told him I would do my best to stay off the “Freeways”. I was honest with him stating that I didn’t want to break the law, but I did want finish my mission rather than be stuck in some small town. As such, I may once again take to the road, he advised me of the probable consequences, and wished me the best of luck.

I met Coffee Jim this morning in Philipsville. Coffee was nice enough to sit for me, and was happy to receive the portrait I did of him. Hopefully the rest of the day provides more Coffee and less doughnut eaters. 🙂

Love, Art, and Peace to all.