Impediments abound for anyone seeking to do something out of the norm. Sometimes though they come in ways that we could have never imagined, and sometimes they come exactly as we expected. None-the-less I am learning (sometimes the hard way) that it really isn’t the obstacle before you, but how you encounter it, your expectations, and your willingness to be turned on to new directions that determine you happiness.

My friend Garry asked me a very astute question when he first met me, “What has been the hardest part about this pilgrimage?” Without thinking twice, I answered, “My own expectations.” I really want to get to SF today, so I ran a marathon yesterday, and have already run 13 miles this morning. I have 13 more to get to SF. Universe willing, I will be able to see my boys soon.

Strange that I lived in a city for 6 years, and of all the people that I encountered and befriended, it is a handful of raga-muffin, tassel-haired, and pre-pubescent boys that I am the most excited to see.