I was honored to have met Andy as I headed out of Healdsburg last week. He was doing a 15 miler, and we ended up doing about 5 miles together. Andy is very kind and does what he can to help others in his daily profession as a banker in a credit union. I asked him if all the OWS, and the November 5th activities were affecting him, he replied I’m just doing what I can to help those in my community. It seems that is what we all can do, thank you Andy for doing it. He left me with a quote that has haunted me, “Run with purpose, and you collide with destiny.”

I needed to stop for water, and Troy ran ahead, but 3 miles later I saw he and his wife standing on the side of the road waiting for me with water bottles; my own private aid station.

I’ve been lucky in my life to have been able to surround myself with men of distinction, compassion, and intelligence. I’ve come to know some amazing dads, men who fulfill the compulsory cultural norms and then exceed them. My friend Chuck is an athlete, lawyer, therapist, father, husband and friend. He has shown generosity to me numerous times, and most recently was kind enough to re-shod my feet for the next steps of my journey. Chuck and I shared a run the other morning morning, only the second time on this pilgrimage that I’ve been honored to run with another. Chuck is a true “mensch” in every concept of the word, “a person of integrity and honor”, and it is in the likeness of people like he that I view what it is to be a man of peace.