Stage 1 was getting from Seattle to San Francisco. Stage 2 will have its own challenges. Cities like LA, San Diego, and Long Beach are known as “bad” cities, and for a person who plans to camp out in the middle of them, conventional wisdom dictates that “bad” things will come to me. They may.

But, it is in those moments when I am presented with a choice to love or to be loveless, to choose my own happiness or that of others. It is when we meet our greatest challenge, that we have our greatest opportunity to love. I am ready for stage 2.

Stage 3 will be getting across the desert to Phoenix. I’ve learned to not worry anymore about material things. Everything that I have needed has been provided. I’ve been at this for 3 months and have never asked for anything other than water and medicine for poison oak…and I’ve not missed a meal. People are lovely and they are good. They do care for those about them. But, in the desert, there aren’t many people and I must rely on the providence of the universe. I have seen the universe provide me with food and everything else I needed before, this was especially true in the Olympics. I know that it will come. In fact, the most fun is watching how it does come, because it never manifests in the way that you expect it, but rather always seems to come in a way that is soooo much better than I could have ever forced it to be.

Happy to embrace the future. Excited to meet new amazing people. Content with what I was able to do here in San Francisco. Passionate that love is the answer.