Ron and Regina are the grandparents of one of my former gymnasts, and they were kind enough to put me up in their home. Regina loves polar bears, thus the polar bear drawing. An elementary school music teacher for many years, her passion and her talents are found in her ears and her hands. Although arthritis and failing vision have plagued her in recent years, she honored me with a selection on the pedal harp.

Ron is the kind of man that has a mental lexicon, slide rule, and encyclopedia in his cognitive reserve and a pocket protector in his shirt. He tells stories and history with precision and with pertinent figures all by closing his eyes and drawing on his inward glossary. He literally started the mass-particle accelerator at Stanford University, and built in his basement the power injector for countless accelerators around the world. In Ron’s 50 year career in quantum mechanics, he has met quite a few PhD.s with egos, so even in our casual conversation, nailing down your facts has proved essential; the opposite costly.

The two of these delightful people married their passions in a collection of music boxes that spans the decades. The precise machinations stir Ron’s applied physics inclinations, and the beautiful music (and they really are amazing) that they deliver— caresses Regina’s ears. I was honored to dine at their table, sleep in their home, and view their collections.