Walking South yesterday I met Richard, Shaun, and Claire walking north along Highway 1. They were on a pilgrimage themselves to help Shaun raise money for kids in Rwanda. We traded information and were comforted by the fact that there are beautiful people out there doing something…anything for others. If you feel so inclined please visit their website and donate if you feel led.


This is where I camped last night on a hill directly over the Big Sur bridge beautiful. As I sat and chomped down on some crackers and hummus that a dear friend had provided me, I felt so guilty. I felt selfish. I was having so much fun, enjoying the beautiful vista at sunset. Last night the sky was pitch black and the stars and milky way were all that lit the night. I felt guilty because it wasn’t hard…it was delightful. I suppose that that is my own prejudice, that a pilgrimage should be grueling and difficult (there have been those moments), but I didn’t expect that there was going to be as much joy and happiness. I guess I didn’t expect so much peace…believe it or not. So, I am just thankful for it. I just wished that so many people could have enjoyed it as I did. I felt compassion for all the people working jobs that never get to watch a sunset. I’m happy and I hope you all are as well. If you can, watch the sunset tonight and know that I’ll be watching it with you.