I’ve been honored to meet a whole host of characters along the way. James here made all the fence work you see behind him out of found wood and split it all by hand with an old car spring he found! Talk about building a house out of bent nails. 🙂 He adds an artistic flair to it all and is creative in his solutions to problems of design.

Andy here is an Englishman from northern England. I could listen to his voice all day as he speaks like Ewan McGregor. He is friends with Brits I met a month back, but has only been on the road 2 days and it headed for Chile.

I met Angela and Philipp on the road as well. They are biking the world, or at least part of it. They started in Germany, their home, and have seen most of Europe. They have been in the US and Canada for about 3 months and are heading down the West coast as well.

Stacey here was so kind to me. I stopped into her roadside restaurant in Lucia and she gave me carte blanche to paint and use the internet. She is the kind of person that helps others whenever she can. Not only was she extremely kind to me, but she also is helping out a fellow artist in her own home town. When the artist’s home was flooded and mold began to take over, she took him in and is allowing him to live in her Winnebago until he is able to return to his home. People are good everywhere you. People are kind and people are being the love to each other. Inspiring.