Geoff is a newspaper man. He has set up classified add papers in Mexico and other parts of the world. Geoff approached me and asked me if he could take my buggy for a whirl. Turns out Geoff has circumnavigated some countries himself. He once ran the perimeter of Bali. He ran 50 miles a day for 10 days. I had these romantic ideas of man running on beautiful tropical paradise beaches, only to be informed that it was mostly along a freeway and the smog was deadly.

Now Geoff works for a monastery here in Lucia. He does the plumbing, electrical, and other work necessary to keep the place running. I envied his position, and we talked about a life devoted to serving others. Geoff’s voice is relaxing to listen to as he talks like the characters on a Bonanza re-run; calm, firm, and genial. When he smiles, he looks a bit like James Taylor, and of course that ingratiated him to my heart as well.