One of my favorite statements by my friend Scaughdt happened in an interview of him years ago. He was asked what books were most instructive in his quest. He answered, “Actually the experiments, the learning that accompanied them, and the experiences garnered helped me come up with this way of living. Only later I read it in books. It is kinda neat that it happened that way.”

I’ve had the same experience. By actually trying out an idea and seeing if it holds water. I’ve come to see that love is the only path that pays dividends and this was through my own experimentations. It is beautiful to learn of the confirmation from science that what I arrived at experientially is scientifically correct. Kinda neat that it happened that way. 🙂 Thanks Scaughdt.

Below is a great video about the science of trust, morality, and essential nature of hugs. Love each other…it’ll make you feel better and the world a nice place to be.