Painting…it is magic. Everyone likes to see a painting develop from nothing. I was painting this work yesterday here in San Luis Obispo, and Jeffery and Garrett commented on it. After talking a bit, they asked me to draw their dog, and then invited me to dinner or drinks. I met them later at a bar (cart and all) and we had a wonderful discussion about life, compassion, and the meaning of life. At the conclusion of the night, Steven and Jonathan invited me to stay at their house…really very kind. Garrett does what he can to reduce the swelling landfills by manufacturing stainless water bottles, an industry that has caught fire as of late, but Garrett’s vision predated popularity.

Steven’s home is wonderful, and he invited me to stay there at the conclusion of the night. I was told by a friend in San Francisco before I started this pilgrimage that I would have the chance to stay in some mansions and castles on this trip. More prophetic words were never spoken. Steven’s house was once the neglected house on the block, but as a labor of love he single handedly designed and rebuilt the house from the ground up. A fan of Art Deco, each room looks as if it were taken directly from the Chrysler building. His attention to detail and theme is fun to discover, in a world- beautiful. Like Captain Rainbow, he reused, recycled, and lovingly restored. He used the old redwood siding that wasn’t well cared for, re-planed it all, and incorporated it into the ceiling of his sundeck. His bath is like stepping back in time with tile, period sconces, and sculptures giving a nod to a bygone era when form didn’t follow function. Delightful.

Jonathan, a yoga practitioner and instructor is traveling the world and imparting to others the secrets he has learned about the restorative power of yoga. Jonathan was in a severe car accident, but by practicing yoga regularly, he not only discovered his career, but he has better flexibility, mobility, and physical adroitness than most. Today was his 30th birthday, and he is still looking for ways to improve himself, and give of his knowledge to others.

These wonderful 4 men show that we all can if motivated make a change in the world around us. Simple acts of kindness, caring words of love, and openness to the opportunity to love…this is peace in practice.