Starbucks is the black hole of our generation. It pulls in all ages, classes, and ethnicities. Why wouldn’t it, it sells legal addictive stimulants.

For most people Starbucks is their 3rd place, the first two being home and work. For me Starbucks serves as my first place…well my only place really. Today, as I was drawing, a nice man named Richard commented on my stroller and at the end of our conversation, found himself walking out the door with a drawing. It is really fun to give artwork to people, they just don’t expect it. The idea of getting anything for free is foreign, but people giving away artwork never happens. It really is the most fun thing I do. Hopefully it gives them peace.

Brittany walked by as I was painting this “peace” and she commented, “Pretty!” She literally seemed to not comprehend me when I offered it to her. She just couldn’t believe I would give it to her. Her escorts Ryan and Zach had just spent the day out riding quads on the sand dunes with Brittany. Although she was still picking the sand out of her hair, she asked me if I would draw her portrait.

Drawing beautiful people is always easy. Drawing people with beautiful souls is an honor. Brittany presented me with both.

As they left, I asked them if they wanted something to carry the drawing and painting in? Ryan replied, “Nah, we are going to go and get them framed right now.” Humbled and honored.

Love, Art, & Peace to All.