Santa Barbara has much to recommend it. The weather is amazing as is the architecture, there is a decent art museum, the beach, and did I mention the weather?

At the art museum they had a few Monet”s, Van Goghs, a Breton, a Bouguereau, a Gerome scupture, as well as a bust of Gerome by Carpeaux. But the show stealing works were the Japanese wood block prints…amazing

In addition to the Mission and the mission style architecture around town, Santa Barbara boasts what has to be one the most beautiful court houses in the US. There they house a room known as “the mural room” that was done in 30’s by a Hollywood background mat painter/illustrator by the name of Dan Sayre Groesbeck. It is fabulous. The similarities in style between Dean Cornwell is uncanny, and I am sure that the artists were looking at each others work. Groesbeck was painting the court house at the same time Cornwell was painting the murals at the LA County Library. Here are some close ups.

Hopefully, tomorrow morning I will be interviewed for a radio program on the arts here in SB. It is an hour program, and the host is very interested in hearing about the pilgrimage. In addition, I’ve been contacted by a gentleman back east who for another interview. Humbly, may I let the song of peace resound more invitingly than the drums of war.